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Video Preview: Sales Secrets of the Fastest Growing Companies [Enterprise Sales Forum – Seattle]

Coming up on February 22nd, DiscoverOrg‘s Chief Marketing Officer, Katie Bullard, will be at the Seattle Enterprise Sales Forum to discuss their latest research about what high-growth sales teams are doing differently.

This will be an outstanding talk so make sure to RSVP!

WeWork Seattle – Holyoke Building (1st & Spring)
Wednesday, February 22, 2017,
5:00 PM to 7:30 PM

(How to Repair) Corporate Learning Culture

December 5, 2016

As sales and marketing automation technology increases in complexity, will learning and development and sales enablement roles keep pace? Training is classically oriented towards compliance and certification. In many companies, learning and enablement functions are siloed with little or no power. How can new models of learning empower learning and enablement officers, promote a learning culture, and increase revenue and market share.

Join three learning, development and enablement thinkers on (How to Repair) Corporate Learning Culture for quick insights on alternative models.

Brian Lambert (@DrBrianLambert): Managing Director, Oxygen Learning

Katie Stroud (@KatieStroudPro): President, Incremental Success Inc.

Chris Ortolano (@salesnerdo): Sales Productivity Partner, DiscoverOrg

Dominic Canterbury (@dcanterbury): President, Turbine B2B [Moderator]


“Is B2B Content Marketing Doomed?”

October 27, 2016  / views: 127
AccelerateB2B: 1 Guest Expert. 1 Big B2B Question. 10 Minutes.

There’s a really good reason why Content Marketing is becoming a go-to solution for digital marketers: it works.

But as a rising tide of ‘content’ becomes pervasive across all touchpoints and channels, what will it take for you to stand out and engage your prospects?

In this episode, we’re talking with Michael Semer – a marketing and content consultant for companies ranging from Kraft and Toyota to Silicon Valley startups – about the future of content marketing, and how you can survive the consequences of “content shock.”

Michael Semer, Branding & Marketing Communications Expert
Dominic Canterbury, President, Turbine B2B


“How Do Global Trade Deals REALLY Impact US Businesses?”

October 25, 2016 / views: 144
AccelerateB2B: 1 Guest Expert. 1 Big B2B Question. 10 Minutes.

With all the heated debate over global trade, it can be tough to get a clear and useful picture of what’s really going on. No matter how you slice it though, one thing is certain: global trade is a powerful force, with huge and often hidden impacts on US businesses.

In this episode, we’re talking with Bill Perry, International Trade Attorney with Harris & Moure, about global trade trends, deals, and disputes, and how you can ensure your company is protected and prepared.

Bill Perry, International Trade Lawyer, Harris & Moure
Dominic Canterbury, President, Turbine B2B

Takeaways from Bill Perry:

To read about these issues, please see my blog, US China Trade War.

To read the latest on the TPP and also antidumping issues, see my present blog post.
Also see this post on Importers Liability for Antidumping and Countervailing Duties.
For Trade Adjustment Assistance for Companies, see this blog post.
Also to see how TAA for Companies works, see this link, from the Midatlantic Trade Adjustment Assistance Center for a 10 minute video on how four companies were saved by the TAA program. One company was almost killed by imports from China and now is exporting to China.
For companies in the Northwest interested in the TAA program, they should contact the Northwest Trade Adjustment Assistance Center.

Finally, my firm’s other expertise is to help US and foreign companies going into China to buy and import products, set up manufacturing operations, and export to that country. Dan Harris, who heads Harris Moure, has a very famous blog on doing business in China, which has over 10,000 followers.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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